Cash Loans in South Africa

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Cash loans are an option in South Africa that provides a short term cash relief for that annoying unexpected bill. There are often added school expenses that pop up and wont wait or even medical emergencies. This form of loan is great way to clear them safely and quickly.


A neighbor has a problem, their son needs to go to the doctors and their car has broken down. Of course, one will lend them their car short term to get them out of trouble. It is expected that it be returned after the emergency has subsided. This is precisely how cash loans should operate.


The maximum advance is normally around R4000 depending on the lender with the term generally no longer than 45 days. While the interest rate is high, a 15%-25% fee added to a R1000 loan is a cheap and convenient way out of that tight spot provided the borrower is smart with it’s use. The loan is taken out against their next or next to paydays, depending on the terms agreed on, and the lender draws the repayment plus fee directly from the borrowers pay.


Applying for Cash Loans


There are many places a borrower can access a cash loan. There money lenders, such as pawn shops, however online lenders are becoming extremely popular fro their ease and speed of transactions.


Some calculated decisions need to be made before any application is sought:


  • Is there any other way out of the predicament.
  • If not, how much money is needed. Do not borrow one rand more than is needed. The temptation is great to do so. The results will just make for more financial obligation and difficulty.
  • Find a lender that you feel has reasonable rates. Check out a few a choose the most attractive for your situation
  • Be sure the repayments are manageable. To take out a loan knowing that one can not make the repayments it is financial suicide.
  • Calculate how many days or pays is needed to repay the loan fully. Again, be sure they can definitely be met, otherwise the whole idea of a cash loan should be scrapped.


Once the right lender is located it is a simple operation to apply and usually only takes ten minutes. It will normally involve producing bank details and proof of employment. Be sure to be honest, any deceit will come back to bite with financial disaster. Cash loans are normally granted, and funds deposited into the bank account on the same day. Be smart and these loans are an excellent out of short term financial strife.

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