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Cash Loans
Do you ever find yourself in a financial crunch? Do you have an urgent payment coming up and you don’t have the cash flow to pay it? Did you lose your job and find yourself in a pinch? Are you in an emergency situation and need money now?

Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees. But, you have come to the right place when looking for cash loans!

Our Services
We offer a full comprehensive line of financial products and loans that will suit your financial needs.  Many of these are flexible.  We can loan out a little amounts or larger amounts, depending on your urgent needs and your eligibility.  We do our best to make loans available to anyone that has been blacklisted from receiving financial assistance from any other financial institution.  Many of our customers find it hard to obtain a cash loan from any other source.  Simply contact us today to see if what kind of payday loan you qualify for!


Why Cash Loans?
We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service. We find ways to offer assistance to all of our customers. This makes it easier for you to get cash now, when you need it.  Sure you can visit some other financial institution to look for some where to loan you some money but it may take a long drawn out process.  With our company, you don’t have to worry about that! Apply today!

We offer short term, long term and payday loans.  We also offer small loans under R1000 and up. Even if you have had a bad credit history, we still make an effort to work something out and you are more likely to be able to get a cash loan with us than any other company.  If you need assistance for a personal loan, vehicle loan or even debt consolidation, try us today!


How Hard is It To Get a Cash Loan?
We try to make cash loans as simple and painless as possible.  Every one is strapped for cash at some point or another and the rough economy doesn’t help.  There’s nothing to be ashamed for to get a little financial help.

All you have to do is fill out some paperwork (you can even apply online here right now!).  We will then pre-approve you within 24 hours after and you have filled out the pre-approval form.  Once all of this is process, you will get your cash in as little as 2 days!

Sounds easy huh? So what’s the catch? There is no catch! We understand that you need to get a little cash loan to get by for awhile.  While money can’t buy you happiness, it sure can help relieve the tension of financial struggles!

Why might you need a cash loan?
There sometimes are payments that come up and if you don’t have the money at the time, it can become an overdue payment.  What’s the result of that? An overdue fee!  More money in the hole….

Everything around us is costing more and more money to buy but most people are in jobs where they are having a hard time getting a raise at their job.  Sometimes there is a medical emergency or a problem with your car and you need money now.

You may have tried to ask for a cash advance from your workplace and were refused.  Or you may have approached a bank and tried to apply for a loan but your credit is poor or the loans have unaffordable interest rates.  Another bummer. You are stressed, you have been rejected and you still have payments looming over your head like a black cloud.  With the numerous options that we offer, you will soon find the assistance you are desperate for!  Make sure to contact us today! We will answer all of your burning questions about payday loans!

Who Do We Assist?
Anyone! We offer cash loans and payday loans to absolutely anyone who is over 18 years old and has stable employment.  Loans are available nationwide.  This makes it easier for you to obtain money when you need it..within a fast time frame! We do our best to try to find a cash loan option that works for you!

What is Are the Requirements to Receive a Cash Loan?
First off, a person must be of the age of 18 to apply for one of our cash loans.  The second factor is that a person must have a job so that they can pay the loan off.  Also, you will have to prove using a bank statement, that you have a job and receive regular salary.  You will be subject to a credit check.  We need to make sure that you are stable enough to handle a small loan.  All lenders take risks when loaning money.  Your goal: pay off your short term loan as fast as possible. The more you pay, the faster it goes away!

Loan amounts are often based on your eligibility.  If you have a poor credit status, we can offer small loan amounts.  However, if you are in better standing, you may be able to borrow more.  Loan periods are also based on these factors.  You can pay on your loan over a few months or a few years.  We do the best we can to make it simple for you to borrow money.  We try to be as flexible as we can to help you out of your financial troubles.  We work with you to create a debt management plan so that we can help you determine how much you can repay us at a time.

There is no need in admitting you need a little bit of financial help.  We offer cash loans without all of the red tape and long procedures.  We process your application as soon as we possibly can and can determine your eligibility within a few days.  If you contact us right now and fill out an application, we can get your loan in a few days.  That means extra money in your pocket as soon as possible.  You will be climbing out of your financial hole and on your way to stability.  All of this, plus excellent quality customer service.  Why are you waiting?

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  1. Helo I’m shane in humansdorp I hope u can help me last month I lend by n casahloan bt I try to get out there I need casah urgent please help oi hve I stastable work and for a years I’m workng for dat company let me 2morow urgent so I can make arange ments at other places

  2. Hi good morning i would like to apply for a loan pls can u help me.

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    I would lik top apply for a personal loan

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